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Low Light Development: Visible Lasers & RDS


This 2-day / 16-hour instructor development course is based on our Low Light Shooting Instructor Certification course but focuses specifically on visible lasers.  Red dot sights / reflex sights will also be discussed for comparison.  In addition, firearms instructors will be exposed to training methodologies that will enhance their low light training program. Most basic firearms instructor courses usually dedicate about 4-5 hours to low light shooting, only conduct basic low light drills, and rarely address the use of visible lasers.  This instructor development course goes much further in depth.  Emphasis will be placed on developing live-fire drills that enhance student's ability to learn the benefits and limitations of visible laser and RDS systems for both handguns and shoulder-fired weapons.  The concepts taught in this course apply to ALL weapon disciplines for creating better training.

This course is PENDING approved by the NRA LE Division for 16 hours of continuing education credit.

NOTE:  This course requires the use of carbines / rifles. Students don't need to be certified as a rifle instructor to attend.  However, students must have successfully completed a rifle operator certification course of 16+ hours to attend this course.

Course Topics: 

  • Case law for low light training
  • Basic anatomy of the human eye
  • Reflex sights / red dot optics
  • Projected laser systems (red & green)
  • Benefits and limitations of visible lasers
  • Use of white light with visible laser systems
  • Principles of low light tactics and engagements
  • Pistol drills for both visible laser only & white light / laser
  • Rifle drills for both visible laser only & white light / laser
  • Line drills vs. solo drills vs. team drills
  • Developing appropriate drills to emphasize critical low light skills
  • And more...

Required Equipment: 

  • Pistol with accessory rail & three magazines. Weapon mounted light (optional)
  • Holster & mag pouches
  • 300 rounds of pistol ammo
  • Carbine / rifle with picatinny accessory rail, three magazines, and tactical sling. Weapon-mounted light (optional)
  • Rifle mag pouches
  • 300 rounds of rifle ammo
  • Hand-held flashlight with charger or spare batteries
  • Hat with a brim
  • Clear eye protection
  • Ear protection 
  • Weather-appropriate outerwear
  • Hydration fluids & snacks

NOTE - Weapon mounted white light / visible laser combo can be provided in the class.

Hosting Requirements: 

  • Classroom with projector, screen, and whiteboard that is large enough for 20 people.
  • A 25-50 yard range with portable target stands
  • For outdoor ranges, ability to shoot until 2200 hours each night (4 hours of darkness on the range)
  • At least four (4) portable cover stands and ten (10) traffic / sport cones
Organizations interested in hosting a course should contact us at training@nlefia.org .

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