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"Excellent instructor level course for the tactical application of on-body, and off-body covert carry.TJ Campisano, PA

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Covert Carry Instructor Certification


This 3-day / 24-hour instructor certification course is designed to teach firearms instructors the various principles and techniques associated with covert (concealed) carry for plain clothes, undercover, and off-duty officers.  Most basic firearms instructor courses briefly discuss covert carry methods.  This instructor course goes much further in depth.  Emphasis will be placed on the various covert carry methods, the pros and cons of those methods, and how to safely conduct live-fire training using those methods of covert carry.

This course is approved by the NRA LE Division for 24 hours of continuing education credit.

NOTE: This course requires the use of carbines / rifles. Students don't need to be certified as a rifle instructor to attend.  However, students must have successfully completed a rifle operator certification class to attend this course.

This course is not associated with CTT Solutions / Mike Pannone Covert Carry course.

Course Topics: 

  • Firearms safety vs. range safety
  • Covert carry policy and legal issues
  • Identification methods for plain clothes / UC / off-duty
  • Covert carry methods for pistols
  • Covert carry methods for rifles / SBRs / PDWs
  • SBRs vs. PDWs
  • Covert carry training methodology
  • Line drills & advanced solo drills
  • Developing and conducting advanced solo drills for covert carry

Required Equipment: 

  • Pistol with three magazines or revolver with speed loaders / clips
  • OWB / IWB holster and spare ammo pouch
  • Two (2) cover garments - button/zip up and pull over
  • Rifle / SBR / PDW with three magazines and tactical sling (nothing longer than a 16" barrel)
  • Covert carry method for rifle / SBR / PDW other than a typical rifle case
  • 300 rounds of ammo for each weapon system
  • Badge / ID on a necklace
  • Hat with a brim
  • Eye & ear protection
  • Weather-appropriate outerwear
  • Hydration fluids & snacks

Hosting Requirements: 

  • Classroom with projector and white screen
  • A 25-50 yard range
Organizations interested in hosting a course should contact us at training@nlefia.org 

Phone: 800-930-2953

Email: office@nlefia.org


6635 W. Happy Valley Road

Suite A104-108

Glendale, AZ 85310

Hours of Operation: (AZ time)

Monday - Friday | 9am - 3pm

Closed: Weekends & Holidays

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