Employment - Staff Instructors 

NLEFIA is establishing a cadre of Staff Instructors to call upon when an agency or organization requests instructor-level training.  Staff Instructors are part-time / contract instructors (1099) who represent the association during NLEFIA training events.  There is a vetting process to become a Staff Instructor, and the length of time to complete the vetting process will depend on a number of factors.  There is no guarantee on how often a Staff Instructor will be utilized each year, as that is dependent on the number and type of courses requested.  Competitive compensation and reimbursements is offered.

Staff Instructors will be placed into a category based on their teaching preference...

Level 1 Staff Instructor - Teach curriculum that is designed and approved by NLEFIA (courses listed on our website)

Level 2 Staff Instructor - Teach your own curriculum for continuing education, instructor updates, or special topics for firearms instructors as requested by host agencies (ex.... 3-gun update, active shooter drills, vehicle counter-ambush, etc).  Instructors will be required to submit their training outline to NLEFIA for review prior to presenting their course.

Applicants can be both Level 1 & Level 2 Staff Instructors, if desired.

More information: Position Description (PDF) 

If you're interested in becoming a Staff Instructor, then please submit a detailed resume or curriculum vitae (CV) in PDF format to training@nlefia.org .  Thank you!

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