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Product Evaluation Program

NLEFIA offers the Product Evaluation Program for firearms-related product manufacturers.  The product testing and evaluation is conducted by volunteer members of NLEFIA...professional LE / military firearms instructors.  At the completion of the evaluation period, the instructor will write a professional and objective report of their findings.  The final report will evaluate 10 different categories: 

Manufacturing qualityComfort
FunctionalityCleaning / Maintenance
VersatilityApplication for firearms instructors and/or shooters

Each category will be rated 1-5 stars:

1 Star / PoorProduct does not meet the minimum advertised specifications and/or performance
2 Stars / FairProduct sometimes meets the minimum advertised specifications and/or performance
3 Stars / GoodProduct meets the minimum advertised specifications and/or performance
4 Stars / Very GoodProduct sometimes exceeds the minimum advertised specifications and/or performance
5 Stars / ExcellentProduct regularly exceeds the minimum advertised specifications and/or performance

For manufacturers interested in having their product(s) tested by professional firearms instructors, the process will be the following...

  • The manufacturer will complete and submit the Manufacturer Application (below) via email or fax to NLEFIA to request participation in the Product Evaluation program
  • NLEFIA will identify a volunteer member(s) to conduct the evaluation
  • NLEFIA will send the evaluator's contact information to the manufacturer
  • The manufacturer will ship the product directly to the evaluator
  • The evaluator will have the product for a period of 30-45 days to conduct the evaluation
  • At the conclusion of the evaluation, the evaluator with send the product back to the manufacturer along with a professional report of the findings of the evaluation.  A copy of the report will also be sent to NLEFIA.
  • NLEFIA reserves the right to publish the product evaluation report in the quarterly magazine, The Rangemaster, for other members to read.

Any product manufacturer wanting to participate in the Product Evaluation Program should download the application form below, complete it, and email it to office@nlefia.org or fax it to 623-225-7793.

Download Manufacturer Application:  PDF  /  Word docx (2010)

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