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Board of Advisors

The Board of Advisors (BOA) were hand-picked by the Executive Director to provide advise for various aspects of the organization. The BOA is very diverse...the members come from a variety of backgrounds, philosophies, and training methodologies.  Their acceptance of the position is greatly appreciated and will ensure NLEFIA is always adapting to changes in the firearms training industry and providing the most current information and training to the firearms instructor community.

Travis Haley - LE / Military Training Advisor

Pat "Mac" McNamara - LE / Military Training Advisor

Frank Proctor - LE / Military Training Advisor

Jeff Gonzales - LE / Military Training Advisor

Kyle Lamb - LE / Military Training Advisor

Mike Pannone - LE / Military Training Advisor

Steve Tarani - Law Enforcement Training Advisor

Benjamin Kurata - Law Enforcement Training Advisor

Ken Hardesty - Law Enforcement Training Advisor

John Mouret - Law Enforcement Training Advisor

Liam Duggan - Law Enforcement Training Advisor

Robert Vogel - Law Enforcement Training Advisor



Jim Moss - Military / DOD Training Advisor

Dan Brokos - Military Training Advisor

Derrick Bartlett - Precision Rifle Training Advisor

Dave Grossman - Psychological / Combative Mindset Advisor

David Jordan - Medical & Occupational Safety Advisor

Christina Collins - Occupational Safety Advisor

Lex Worthy - Medical Advisor

Timothy Forshey - Firearms Training Legal Advisor

Ean White - LE / Military Training Legal Advisor



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