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The National Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor Association (NLEFIA) officially started in January 2015 and is dedicated to the professional firearms instructors in the law enforcement, military, and private sector communities that provide life-saving firearms training to our nation's finest...the society's guardians and the nation's warriors.

NLEFIA is committed to providing a means for networking and information sharing, continuing education and training, and advanced certifications to professional firearms instructors.  Our emphasis is on the continuing development of instructors who teach the five major weapon disciplines used in law enforcement...revolver, pistol, shotgun, carbine / rifle, and precision rifle.

NLEFIA was created primarily for law enforcement firearms instructors. However, NLEFIA is open to military firearms instructors since many of the weapon disciplines utilized are the same.  In addition, NLEFIA is open to professional firearms instructors from the private sector community that provide firearms training to law enforcement and military personnel.

NLEFIA is for current firearms instructors only.  NLEFIA does not provide initial / basic firearms instructor certification courses.  There are other organizations, such as the NRA Law Enforcement Division, that provides basic instructor certifications for the various weapon disciplines. In addition, may states have their own law enforcement certification organization that provides instructor certifications.

NLEFIA was created to further the knowledge and skills of professional firearms instructors...to take them to the next level...so they can take their students to the next level.

Our Motto:  Advancing the Knowledge and Skills of Professional Firearms Instructors

Mission Statement:  NLEFIA will provide a network of information sharing, continuing education and training, and advanced certifications to professional firearms instructors to help further the advancement of firearms training programs in an effort to reduce the number of law enforcement officers who are killed in the line of duty annually from the unlawful use of deadly force and firearms-related training accidents.

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