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Executive Director - Jason Wuestenberg


Jason Wuestenberg began his career of service in the U.S. Army from 1990 to 1994.  Jason served in a Light Infantry and Scout (reconnaissance) unit in the 6th Infantry Division (Alaska).  Jason was Jump and Air Assault qualified and a graduate of the Primary Leadership Development Course (PLDC).

In 1994, Jason joined a major law enforcement agency in Arizona where he continues to serve today.  During his law enforcement career, Jason became a certified firearms instructor in 1997 and served as an adjunct instructor for recruits and in-service training. In 2000, Jason was selected to the Firearms Training Unit as a full-time firearms instructor...the youngest full-time firearms instructor in the history of the department at that time.  He served as a firearms instructor from 2000-2005 training both recruits and in-service personnel.  Jason provided training in handgun, shotgun, and rifle.  Jason also started a shoot house training program for patrol officers and developed the department's Shoot House Instructor Certification Course.

Jason then served as a full-time tactics instructor from 2005-2007.  Jason instructed in the areas of defensive tactics, impact weapons, Taser, building searches, low light engagements, and officer down rescues.  Jason helped develop, and was a lead instructor for, the department's Active Shooter Intervention program and Crisis Entry for Patrol program.

In 2008, Jason was promoted to Sergeant and returned to patrol duties for three years.  During that time he continued to train and mentor his officers, ensuring they received continuing firearms and tactical training on a regular basis beyond what the department routinely provided.

In 2011, Jason was again selected to return to the Firearms Training Unit as the Sergeant for the Rifle Training Detail to manage the department's growing patrol rifle program which consists of four instructors and 300+ rifle operators.  Jason continues to serve there today.  Jason is also a member of his department's Firearms Committee, Tactical Review Committee, Training Needs Committee, and a member of the expert panel for the Use of Force Board which reviews officer involved shooting incidents.

Jason has been responsible for many advancements in his department's firearms and tactics training programs during his career.  Jason also started the Arizona Law Enforcement Rifle Instructor Symposium in 2012.  This annual 3-day training event is free and brings together the lead rifle instructors from agencies across Arizona to share information such as training philosophies & methodologies, drills, recommended equipment, policies, etc. to help improve agency rifle programs.

Outside of his department, Jason started a training company in 1998 and provided various levels of firearms training to civilians. In 2001, he expanded the training to the law enforcement community.  Jason still provides consulting and training to law enforcement, corporate security, and private groups when requested.

Jason has been a guest instructor several times at the Annual Training Conference for the International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors (IALEFI).  He also served on the IALEFI Board of Directors for nearly three years.

Jason has had the privilege of providing firearms and tactical training to numerous local, state, and federal law enforcement officers and trainers across the nation.  Jason has also traveled internationally to provide instructor development training to law enforcement personnel in U.S. allied countries.

Jason is a certified firearms instructor in all weapon disciplines (revolver, pistol, shotgun, carbine / rifle, select-fire / full-auto, and precision rifle).  He is a certified Shoot House Instructor as well as a certified Force-on-Force / Reality Based Training (RBT) Instructor and has conducted extensive shoot house and RBT training with both his department and his private company.  Jason is a firearms Subject Matter Expert (SME) for Arizona Peace Officer Standards & Training (AZ POST) and is also a graduate of the Force Science Institute Certification Course.

Jason is currently obtaining his Master of Science degree in Organizational Leadership. Jason obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in Career & Technical Education from Northern Arizona University in 2007 and his Associate of Applied Science degree in Law Enforcement Technology from Rio Salado Community College in 2002.

Jason has always pushed for advancement and innovation in firearms and tactical training both on his department and with his private company. Jason now brings that passion to a national association for professional firearms instructors.


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