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Firearms Instructor Regional Education (FIRE)

FIRE events are a great way for firearms instructors to get a lot of different information and experiences from a variety of instructors over a short period of time...and for a great cost. These conferences are structured as 3-day events comprised of several 8-hour blocks of training. Attendees can choose up to three different classes to attend from a variety of classes being offered. These events are typically comprised of range training, but may offer classroom sessions periodically.  Since the event is designed to accommodate many attendees, the cost for training per attendee is reduced in comparison to our certification and development courses.

FIRE events are schedule when a agency / organization with the required facilities makes a request to host a conference.  Hosting requirements are as follows...

  • A conference room large enough for 60+ attendees. The conference room can be at the training facility or a nearby hotel.
  • Must have access to 4-5 ranges that can accommodate 15 shooters each.
  • Must provide a recommended hotel near the training facility.
  • Host can request specific topics to be presented...and host received five (5) FREE spots.

If your agency / organization would like to host a FIRE event, please contact us at training@nlefia.org

Phone: 800-930-2953

Email: office@nlefia.org


6635 W. Happy Valley Road

Suite A104-108

Glendale, AZ 85310

Hours of Operation: (AZ time)

Monday - Friday | 9am - 3pm

Closed: Weekends & Holidays

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