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Force-on-Force Instructor Certification


Firearms instructors are often tasked with conducting force-on-force, or simulation training, since training scenarios are often firearms-oriented in nature.  This 3-day / 24-hour instructor certification course is designed to train firearms instructors how to design, safely conduct, and effectively critique force-on-force drills and scenarios.  All of the force-on-force training options, and their pros and cons, will be discussed.  There is no expiration date for this certification.

NOTECandidates must a certified L.E. firearms instructor and NLEFIA member to attend.

Course Topics: 

  • The purpose of force-on-force training and where it fits in a complete training program
  • Firearms safety
  • Safety protocols
  • Various training equipment
  • Various safety equipment
  • How to design drills and scenarios
  • How to render a training area safe for Force-on-Force training
  • How to script actors
  • How to brief and debrief drills and scenarios 

Required Equipment: 

    • Training pistol (dedicated, conversion kit, airsoft, etc) if you have one
    • OWB holster for your training pistol (if you have one)
    • 100 training rounds (marking cartridges, airsoft pellets, etc) for your training pistol
    • BDU style pants or jeans
    • Long sleeve shirts or removable arm sleeves
    • Clear eye protection
    • Paintball style face mask (if you have one)
    • Baseball cap or beanie (head protection)
    • Shemagh (throat protection)
    • Full finger gloves (hand protection)
    • Sports cup (groin protection)
    • Ballistic vest (optional, chest protection)
    • Weather-related gear
    • Hydration fluids & snacks

    Hosting Requirements: 

    • Classroom with projector and white screen
    • A training environment suitable for FoF training
    • Six (6) sets of training weapons and protective masks
    • 1600 rounds of training ammo (100 rounds per attendee, if needed)
    Organizations interested in hosting a course should contact us at training@nlefia.org .

    Phone: 800-930-2953

    Email: office@nlefia.org


    6635 W. Happy Valley Road

    Suite A104-108

    Glendale, AZ 85310

    Hours of Operation: (AZ time)

    Monday - Friday | 9am - 3pm

    Closed: Weekends & Holidays

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