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Paper Target Selection

Friday, October 20, 2017 4:00 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Selecting which paper target to use for training is more important than some instructors realize.  The ideal target should have a variety of target zones that instructors can choose from to challenge their shooters based on their skill level.  And, it should be usable for multiple weapon systems (handgun, shotgun, carbine, precision rifle). Having a multi-purpose paper target also reduces the number of different targets an instructor has to have in their inventory to accomplish various performance objectives.

There are number of good paper targets on the market. But, anytime you can find a two-sided target that fits the profile mentioned above, then it probably should be strongly considered.

The NLEFIA-2S multi-purpose target was designed to give firearms instructors the greatest amount of options to accommodate their training objectives. Between the two sides you have the following options:

  • TQ-21 silhouette target   
  • Neutral picture target (with a gun)
  • 2" dots
  • 4" circles / 8" circle / 12" circle
  • 4" bullseyes / 12" bullseye
  • Pelvic rectangle
  • IPSC A-Zone & C-Zone
  • 6" box
  • 3" x 4" rectangle
  • Four (4) command targets (4" shapes and numbers)
  • Anatomically correct placement of target zones on the head and upper chest
For more detailed information about the NLEFIA -2S target, CLICK HERE

Another popular two sided target is the VTAC target. This target has a  skeletal silhouette with internal anatomy that has the IPSC scoring zones, a 6" box inside the A-Zone, and a pelvic box.  The other side of the target has four 8" bullseyes and various targeting shapes on each side of the bullseyes.

Both targets can be purchased through Action Targets.

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