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NLEFIA Official Paper Target

Firearms instructors develop and utilize a variety of live-fire drills to conduct handgun, shotgun, carbine, and precision rifle training.  Many of those drills have specific performance objectives and goals to achieve, which requires paper targets with specific features or target zones.  Many instructors end up having several different types of paper targets in order to have the features they need for training.

The NLEFIA-V2 paper target was designed in partnership with The National Target Company (NTC).  It is a two-sided, multi-purpose target that can provide firearms instructors with a variety of options and standards for their training, and to provide shooters with different looks and target zones to keep the training fresh and challenging.  

This target can be purchased at The National Target Company website.

The front side of the target is a TQ-21 based silhouette against a light background. It has a 4 inch circle in the head and a 4 inch dotted circle inside of a 8 inch solid circle inside of a 12 inch dotted circle in the upper chest. It also has a 4"x10" pelvic zone. In addition is has a 4" bulls eye target on each side of the head that can be used for zeroing or other precision marksmanship training.

The back side of the target is a TQ-21 silhouette with IPSC scoring zones in the body against a dark background. This is a great option for low light training to reduce white light splashback. This side of the target may also be easier to see at extended distances. The IPSC A zone has been broken down into two zones...a solid 6"x6" box on top and a 5"x6" dotted box below to allow use of the full A zone, if desired.  The head has a 3"x4" box inside the head zone. In additon, there are four (4) command style targets around the head that can be used for precision shooting and target identification / decison-making training.

Overlays were made specifically for our target. The background of the overlays match the color of the silhouette on both sides so the objects blend in with the target seemlessly.

The overlays being offered are a pistol, knife, phone, badge, empty hand, and head. The overlays can be purchased through NTC website.

THE NLEFIA 4 inch Hi-Viz Target was designed specifically for the front side of the NLEFIA-V2 target. It will fit perfectly over the 4 inch bulls eyes on either side of the head, the 4 inch circle in the head, and the 4 inch circle in the chest.

The peel-n-stick target is a 4 inch red circle with a yellow 2 inch dot in the middle. The sticker can be placed anywhere on either side of the NLEFIA target when there is a need for a high visability target during training.

The NLEFIA Hi-Viz Target can be purchased through the NLEFIA online store.

Original NLEFIA-2S Target

The original NLEFIA-2S (2-sided) target, designed by Law Enforcement Targets (bought out by Action Targets), can still be purchased at the Action Targets website.

Over time we found the photo of the masked armed suspect did not serve our needs and elected to go with a silhouette target on both sides so overlays can be used on either side of our current target for more versatility.

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