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NLEFIA Official Steel Target

Firearms instructors develop and utilize a variety of live-fire drills to conduct handgun, shotgun, carbine, and precision rifle training.  Many of those drills have specific performance objectives and goals to achieve, which requires paper targets with specific features or target zones.  Many instructors end up having several different types of paper targets in order to have the features they need for training. 

The NLEFIA official steel target plate was designed by On Point Steel Targets. The plate is made of AR550 in both 3/8" and 1/2" thickness.  The plate was designed as a 6 inch box (to represent a head) sitting on top of a 10 inch box (to represent an upper torso) and shaped as a human silhouette.

Our plate will mount directly to their tool-less all-steel portable stand made of AR550, or to their adjustable wood post mount which is also tool-less.  The plate can be flipped when needed to prevent warping and prolong the life of the plate. The plate is positioned with a 15-20 degree deflection angle to minimize splash-back and prolong the life of the steel plate.

To purchase our steel target, go to On Point Steel Targets website.

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