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"A one of a kind class that deals with topics you never learn about until you’re given the keys to the range. This class should be a must have for anyone who is wishing to become a rangemaster / lead firearms instructor for their agency." - JM, Wilmington PD, DE

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Rangemaster Development


If you have been handed the keys to the range, then you need to attend this course!  Firearms instructor certification courses typically do not go into great detail about the administrative duties and knowledge needed for successfully operating a shooting range. This 3-day / 24-hour instructor development course is designed to educate lead firearms instructors or supervisors, who are assigned as the Rangemaster, on a variety of topics to ensure their firearms training programs and range facility are operating safely, reducing liability, and defendable in court.  This is the most comprehensive Rangemaster course available.

This course is only taught by Staff Instructors who have held a Rangemaster supervisory position during their career.  This is a classroom / seminar training event that is very interactive and includes many practical exercises.

This course is approved by the NRA LE Division for 24 hours of continuing education credit.

Topics include:

    • Defining the duties and responsibilities of a Rangemaster
    • Classroom & facility safety
    • Outdoor / indoor range safety
    • Range development and maintenance
    • Managing various training programs
    • Firearms qualifications
    • Documenting training and qualifications
    • Managing various inventory such as ammo, spare parts, range supplies, etc
    • Ammunition & equipment testing
    • Range staff selection & development
    • Firearms & use of force policy
    • EPA / OSHA / NIOSH regulations
    • ANSI standards
    • Lead and hearing testing
    • And much more…

      Required Equipment:

        • Laptop computer (with power cable) that is WiFi enabled, USB port (2.0 or 3.0), and loaded with Word, Powerpoint, and Excel (2010 or newer)
        • A list of the following items for research purposes...
          1. Eye protection you use
          2. Ear protection you use
          3. Firearms cleaner, lubricant, or CLP (cleaner, lubricant, preservative) you use
          4. Ammunition (practice and duty) used in your agency
          5. Approx. number of officers in your agency
        • Drinks & snacks

          Hosting Requirements:

          • Classroom for 20 attendees equipped with a projector, white screen, audio, and WiFi (or ethernet connection to connect a WiFi hub) 
          Organizations hosting this course will receive a minimum of two (2) FREE spots in the course.  Organizations interested in hosting a course should contact us at training@nlefia.org 

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