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Remedial Training & Coaching Specialist


Many firearms instructor certification courses only spend a few hours on shooting diagnostics and how to work with struggling shooters. This course takes a deep dive into the process...

This 2-day / 16-hour instructor development course is designed to teach firearms instructors how to diagnose issues and correct performance for struggling shooters. Instructors are taught an algorithm to identify problem areas and shown drills and techniques to develop the skills necessary to successfully complete Law Enforcement handgun qualification. Vision issues, neurological challenges and motor skills are explained and practical solutions are provided. Coach/shooter methodology and support hand shooting are used as teaching methods to challenge instructors and teach empathy. If your agency has a remedial training program (and it should) for struggling shooters who repeatedly fail the qualification, this course could help revise your remedial program and help improve the instructors who teach the program. 

This training course has no expiration date.

Course Topics: 

    • Understand marksmanship fundamentals in detail
    • Understand the skills needed for practical shooting
    • Diagnosing shooting issues
    • Provide targeted coaching
    • Apply coaching techniques on the range
    • Understand vision and neurological issues
    • Select appropriate drills for specific shooter deficits
    • Develop support hand shooting skills to demonstrate skills with either hand

      Required Equipment: 

      • Pistol and three magazines
      • Belt holster & mag pouches (no concealment holsters)
      • 400 rounds of ammo
      • A support side belt holster (does not need to be a duty holster or a light-bearing holster...an inexpensive kydex holster is fine)
      • Hat with a brim
      • Eye & ear protection
      • Weather-appropriate outerwear
      • Hydration fluids & snacks

      Hosting Requirements: 

      • Classroom (for 16-20 people) with projector and screen or monitor
      • A 25 yard range, 8 lanes wide minimum
      • At least eight (8) portable target stands
      • Traffic / sport cones (8-10)
      • Steel targets (optional)
      Organizations interested in hosting a course should contact us at training@nlefia.org .

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      Email: office@nlefia.org


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