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Instructor Certification Courses

NLEFIA does not provide instructor certifications in the five major weapon disciplines (revolver, pistol, shotgun, carbine / rifle, and precision rifle), as there are many state and national organizations that provide that initial / basic certification. Instead, NLEFIA provides advanced certifications to increase the knowledge and skills of professional firearms instructors.

All instructor certification courses cost $150 per day for members.  Non-members wanting to attend a course must become a member first, then register for the course.  Becoming a member can take as little as 24 hours (excluding weekends).

Organizations hosting an instructor certification course will receive a minimum of two (2) FREE spots in the course. Organizations interested in hosting a course should contact us at training@nlefia.org .

Click on the course title for more information.

Advanced Firearms Instructor ($525) – This 3-day / 24-hour instructor certification course is designed to take the firearms instructor to the next level of instruction and presentation. Since most firearms instructor certification courses are designed to show new instructors how to teach basic skills and conduct basic drills, this course will show instructors how to design and conduct advanced drills that not only pushes their student’s skills to the next level but also maximizes their training time and ammunition allotment.  Creativity and thinking “outside the ammo can” are heavily emphasized in this course.

Live-Fire CQB / Shoot House Instructor ($525) – Live-fire training in a shoot house is the pinnacle of all firearms training...and the most challenging for firearms instructors.  Not only does the instructor have to watch all things related to firearms training and safety, but also has to simultaneously evaluate and critique the application of sound CQB tactics.  This 3-day / 24-hour instructor certification course will teach firearms instructors how to conduct safe training in a 360 degree live-fire training environment. In addition, instructors will learn how to increase the skill level and confidence of their students through proper debriefing and motivation.

Low Light Shooting Instructor ($525) – Most basic firearms instructors courses usually dedicate about 4-5 hours to low light shooting and only conduct basic low light drills.  This instructor course goes much further in depth.  This 3-day / 24-hour instructor certification course is designed to teach firearms instructors the technical information associated with illumination tools, Tritium & fiber optic sights, reflex sights / red dot optics, variable powered scopes, visible lasers, and IR lasers / night vision. In addition, firearms instructors will be exposed to training methodologies that will enhance their low light training program.

Covert Carry Instructor ($525) – This 3-day / 24-hour instructor certification course is designed to teach firearms instructors the various principles and techniques associated with covert / concealed carry for undercover and off-duty officers.  Most basic firearms instructor courses briefly discuss covert carry methods and rarely conduct any range drills associated with cover carry.  This instructor course goes much further in depth.  Emphasis is be placed on the various covert carry methods, the pros and cons of those methods, and how to safely conduct live-fire training using those methods of covert carry.

Firearms Instructor SME ($100) – This online course is designed to certify the experienced firearms instructor as a Subject Matter Expert (SME), which qualifies them to certify others as a law enforcement firearms instructor.

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